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Get to Know Some Talented Teeth!


Can’t get enough of our pal SuperTebo? We get it— because we love him too! Sure, SuperTebo has some sweet dance moves and rad powers, but he’s not the only hero out there. Want to learn more? Then read on to meet some mighty molars and top-notch teeth! Mighty Molars Ever munch through a whole bag of caramel corn? Sometimes you end up with gooey, gl…

This Halloween, Get To Know Some Fearsome Fangs!


It’s Hallo-“week”, which can only mean one thing: cool ghouls rule! Feel the same? Then let me introduce you to the vampire squid! Move over, Dracula— there’s a new vampire in town! Though Drac might have a mere two fangs, this deep-sea menace has 28! When it comes to dental care, however, this cephalopod lucked out: whenever the vampire squi…

Why Tebo?


Here at Team Tebo, we believe in the magic of a smile— to brighten our day, enhance our mood, and strengthen our hope for the future. That’s why we see every cleaning, exam, and procedure as a chance to turn passion into action! From our big-hearted hygienists to our very own SuperTebo, every team member shares the same heroic goal: leave each and …

October MVP


Meet This Month’s MVP (Our Most Valuable Pets)! Whether it’s dogs, cats, horses, or guinea pigs, we love all types of pets here at Tebo! That’s why we’re showcasing a team member with their creature companion every month. Now let’s meet this month’s MVP! Gus Stewart Alias: Honey Bear Pet Parent: Alison Stewart (Brand Ambassador at Tebo Dental…

Let The Games Resume!

Tebo Dental

Specializing in pediatric dentistry, our practices are designed to provide an environment that is both safe and kid friendly. Unfortunately, During the 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic, we were forced to shut down our practices for approximately 2 months. And since reopening, we have strictly followed safety guidelines outlined by the CDC, as well as impleme…

#Promoted – Assistant Administrative Manager


We are congratulating Jennifer P. for being #Promoted to Assistant Administrative Manager! In January of this year, Jennifer was #Promoted to Administrative Team Lead. And now, Jennifer is already taking on another new role with our team! Due to her extensive experience with multiple departments in the company, as well as her desire to elevate her …

Celebration Time: July 2021


There’s ALWAYS something or someone worth celebrating here, at Tebo! During the month of July, Jinal, Jane, Elisa, Tahari and Julie each celebrated a birthday! Meanwhile, Jessica celebrated her 1-Year Tebo Anniversary! We are truly grateful to have you on our team, and hope that each of your special days was one to remember!

Father’s Day 2021

Fathers Day

Last Friday, in anticipation of Father’s Day weekend, we treated all the fathers in our company to some good old fashioned “dad jokes”! And yet again, we were reminded that nothing beats sharing quality laughs and smiles with our team!

Cinco De Mayo 2021

Cinco de Mayo

The Tebo Team turned up for Cinco de Mayo, baby! At Tebo, we love going above and beyond to make our staff’s days a little more enjoyable, any chance that we get. So, a couple weeks ago, that is exactly what we did when we threw a Cinco de Mayo fiesta that included tacos, margaritas, laughter and more. Nothing beats creating new friendships and memo…

Mother’s Day 2021

Mothers Day

Last Friday we surprised all the amazing mothers, of Tebo, with special Mother’s Day roses! All the smiles, laughs and gratitude really warmed our hearts and made our day!