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The Pacifier Puzzle: Understanding Its Impact on Dental Development

Dental Pacifier

Pacifiers can be a source of soothing comfort for many infants and toddlers; however, parents often wonder about the long-term effects that pacifier use can have on their child’s dental development. At Tebo Dental, we aim to provide clarity on this topic, outlining the benefits and potential drawbacks to help you make informed decisions for […]

Soothing the Grind: Navigating Childhood Bruxism  

Children Smiling

Hearing the sound of your child grinding their teeth at night can be unsettling for any parent. While this condition, known medically as bruxism, is common in children, it can lead to a variety of dental issues if not addressed. At Tebo Dental, we are here to guide you through understanding bruxism, its potential effects […]

Bottles and Sippy Cups: How These Everyday Items Affect Dental Development

Baby Bottle Feeding

Parents follow the milestones of their children’s growth and development very closely, relishing in every moment from their first steps to their first words.  Dental milestones often fly under the radar, but it is important that parents know the impact that bottles and sippy cups have on dental development.  At Tebo Dental, we are dedicated […]

Guarding Your Grin: The Importance of Dental Protection for Young Athletes

The importance of Protecting Your Smile

Young athletes surely enjoy the thrill of the game, but participating in active sports comes with a fair share of risks.  At Tebo Dental, we understand the dedication your child may have to playing their best, and we encourage you to help them understand the importance of protecting their smiles while in the midst of […]

Freshen Up: Tackling Your Child’s Bad Breath

Tackling Bad Breath In Children

While bad breath (halitosis) in kids might not always be a cause for alarm, it can sometimes indicate underlying dental or health issues that need attention. At Tebo Dental, we understand the concern parents have when it comes to their child’s oral hygiene and the connection it has to their overall health. Let’s explore the […]

Choosing the Right Toothpaste for Your Child: Facts Every Parent Should Know

How to choose the right toothpaste for your child

Making a selection on which toothpaste to get for your child can feel like navigating through a twisted maze of various flavors, colors, formulas, and characters. At Tebo Dental, we understand the importance of making informed choices for your child’s oral health. Read further for some helpful tips to make toothpaste selection much easier. Understanding […]

Brushing Up on Fun: Child-Friendly Tooth Brushing Tips

Children Tooth Brush

For many parents, convincing their kids to brush their teeth can sometimes feel like pulling teeth. At Tebo Dental, we understand this challenge and are excited to share some creative, fun, and effective tooth brushing tips. These strategies can make oral hygiene enjoyable for children early on, which lays the foundation for them to continue […]

Keep Tiny Teeth Thriving: How to Prevent Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

Baby Bottle Feeding - Lucy Wilski

Primary teeth, also known as baby teeth, are temporary but play a pivotal role in your child’s dental journey. At Tebo Dental, we recognize the importance of your child’s first set of teeth and understand the unique challenges that can be present during their early years.  One of these challenges is the risk of tooth […]

Bewitching Bites: Navigating Your Child’s Dental Health Through Halloween

Bubbling cauldrons of candy and charming treats light up the paths of our little ghouls and goblins during Halloween. The Tebo Dental Team knows that keeping your child’s teeth healthy through the Halloween season can be challenging, and that is why we have put together some important dental tips for your family. Check out our […]