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Icebreakers & Smile Makers


Icebreakers & Smile Makers

Do you need an easy icebreaker? We’ve got three dog videos guaranteed to wow your dinner guests!

The Skate-“bark” Legend

Let me introduce you to one legendary pooch! On November 12, 2015, Otto the Bulldog achieved global fame— not to mention one rad world record! Watch as this courageous canine zooms between the legs of his 30 adoring fans. How’s this for adora-“bull”?

The Balloon Buster!

This dog may not look very tough, but Toby’s one mean mongrel—to balloons. On April 11, 2017, Toby wowed the crowd by tearing through 100 balloons in a mere 28.22 seconds! Now, this is what I call a need for speed!

The Piñata Pro

Don’t forget about Lola! Sure, this two-year-old bulldog seems sweet—but piñatas beware! So why not watch Lola devour her papier-mâché prey? 

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