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Alpaca Party!


Alpaca Party!

AlpacaWe may not receive much snow in Georgia—but when we do, channel your inner alpaca! In this video, you can watch a herd of snuggly alpacas zoom, prance, and leap through the snow. But why are they so enamored by snow? For one thing, I bet they don’t need to shovel the driveway! 

But it’s “snow” wonder alpacas love the cold! Alpacas can trace their lineage to the long-necked vicuña species, which is seen high among the Peruvian Andes. When you make your home a staggering 3 miles above sea level, you learn to embrace the ice and snow—and vicuñas know how to keep cool when it gets cool.

So move over, Prancer! This year, Santa may swap his reindeer for alpacas.

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