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The Secret To Developing Social Media Content at Scale

Social Media
Social Media

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What’s up Think Tankers!

A little BizDev talk as I throw on my VP Marketing/CMO hat: It’s been a busy past few weeks as my team is working tirelessly to develop marketing strategies for all of our existing practices along with the new location we have coming online in Fall 2019.

We had a great call earlier this month with @thesashagroup, a @vaynermedia company, so I’ve made it a priority to make certain that we sit-down and revisit @GaryVee’s 80pg Content Model page-by-page, ensuring our content, execution, and manpower are all in alignment with company goals.

We’re at a crossroads where we need to determine what to outsource and what to scale in-house. This is business model soul-searching in it’s rawest form, my friends. All I care about is making it good for our entire team and those we serve which can bring a lot of pressure. Gotta make the right calls.

I’ve said it before as it literally is our secret sauce: never get romantic about your content by injecting your ego into it. There’s a difference between doing what is true to you and doing what you think people will like. You’d be amazed the amount of great content you can produce when you document life instead of trying to produce what you think will get you more likes and followers. ‘Pillar content’ we’re creating for the business today is driven by the fact that we’re telling the truth about what our daily world is like, because I can tell you this: the best content comes from being authentic and true to your heart, and in fact, it’s when you have the most fun! People are smart enough to know when they’re being sold some image that’s not worth believing in. So wine-taste (experiment), “Move Fast & Break Things” (said Zuckerberg), and most importantly, make sure you have the right peeps around you.

The key to making your career feel a whole less lot like work is actually in the company you keep. So enjoy the process, do it with the right people, and make Legacy Decisions (i.e. long-term ones). Things are changing too rapidly, so always be in learning mode. I know we are and always will be.

Click HERE for Gary’s 80-page Marketing Strategy Content Model.

Til Next Time!


PS— I highly recommend you check out the blog article at the link above before going through the 80-page Content Model at the end of Gary’s blog post so you have the proper context to deep-dive into Gary’s Strategy. For first time visitors of the Think Tank Podcast Blog page, I hope all my “Social Medialites” in the medical industry and others far and wide can gain some value on how to manage social media marketing content development for your business— whether you are a single practitioner or a multi-practice group like us over here at Tebo. Remember… mindset is everything!

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