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Get to Know Some Talented Teeth!


Get to Know Some Talented Teeth!

Can’t get enough of our pal SuperTebo? We get it— because we love him too! SuperTebo has some sweet dance moves and rad powers, but he’s not the only hero out there. Want to learn more? Then read on to meet some mighty molars and top-notch teeth!

Mighty Molars

Ever munch through a whole bag of caramel corn? Sometimes you end up with gooey, gluey teeth. But this 93-year-old strongman chews in a league of his own— and he knows about saving on gas money! Then check out this video to see his mighty molars “power-pull” a truck! Are you curious yet?

Dental Daring

Who wants to dangle 300 feet above Niagara Falls? The pro acrobat Wallenda— that’s who! In this gutsy video, Wallenda perches on a swaying hula hoop 91 meters above the raging water below. She even hangs by her teeth! Though she wears a mouth guard throughout the stunt, Wallenda’s got bravado— plus one tough set of chompers! 

niagra Falls

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