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Meet & Greet The MVP: Horsin’ Around!

Dr. Cole and her horse pose in Halloween costumes.
Stonewall and Dr. Cole win at Halloween!

From Great Danes to geckos, we adore every animal here at Tebo! That’s why we’re honoring a new pet pal every month. Now let’s get to know this month’s Most Valuable Pet!

Stonewall Cole

Pet Parent: Dr. Nancy Cole

Give a warm Tebo welcome to Stonewall, who towers above every wall in town! This pony pal weighs 1600 pounds—the same as two polar bears! For Stonewall, however, more brawn means more snuggles! He adores Dr. Nancy Cole, and Dr. C loves her big, snuggly bud! And when you’re this adorable, you’ve got to work your model magic. From his huge eyes to his humongous hugs, he’s bound to win you over!

He’s always nice—no need to check twice!

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