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More Cheese, Please!: Why Cheese Makes Me Smile

A young girl eats a bowl of cheese and spinach.
Treat your smile to a cheesy snack!

From loaded nachos to gooey grilled cheese (yum!), we’ve all got reasons for loving cheese . . . But I’ve uncovered even more! Read on to learn why cheese is the “wheel” deal—but this blog could get cheesy! (So get ready for some very “gouda” puns!)

You might already know cheese packs a mega mineral power-up . . . But cheese can also lower acid levels and reduce decay! So long, sugar bugs! This may seem too “gouda” to be true, but you ought to “brie”-lieve me: the news blew me away, too! Are you hungry for more? Then devour all the savory science here!

A cute dog eats a morsel of cheese.
More cheese, please!

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