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Meet & Greet The February MVP!

Gordo - Leopard Gecko

Whether it’s dogs, cats, horses, or guinea pigs, we love every pet here at Tebo! That’s why we’re showcasing a team member with their creature companion every month. Now let’s meet this month’s MVP!

Say Hello to Gorgeous Gordo!

Gordo Armstrong

Pet Parent: Dr. Jessica Armstrong

Let’s meet Dr. Armstrong—and her ri-“doc”-ulous pet! Though she loves her job at Tebo, Dr. Armstrong adores her puny pal too!

I don’t recommend owning a leopard—but you can’t pass up a leopard gecko! Say hello to Gordo, Team Tebo’s new MVP. He might have cheetah swagger, but Gordo craves mealworms, not meat. And guess what? Gordo has 5 toes on each paw—so I bet he gives some groovy high fives! (Pop by Tebo, and you could even get his “claw”-tograph!)

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