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Meet & Greet The February MVP!

Gordo - Leopard Gecko

Whether it’s dogs, cats, horses, or guinea pigs, we love every pet here at Tebo! That’s why we’re showcasing a team member with their creature companion every month. Now let’s meet this month’s MVP!

Say Hello to Gorgeous Gordo!

Gordo Armstrong

Pet Parent: Dr. Jessica Armstrong

Let’s meet Dr. Armstrong—and her ri-“doc”-ulous pet! Though she loves her job at Tebo, Dr. Armstrong adores her puny pal too!

I don’t recommend owning a leopard—but you can’t pass up a leopard gecko! Say hello to Gordo, Team Tebo’s new MVP. He might have cheetah swagger, but Gordo craves mealworms, not meat. And guess what? Gordo has five toes on each paw—so I bet he gives some groovy high-fives! (Pop by Tebo, and you could even get his “claw”-tograph!) 

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