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Tebo Songs to Sing Along!

Boy dancing and singing

Sure, we might love these “grin”-nominal pop songs. . . but we can’t forget Tebo’s very own groovy tunes! You may’ve seen SuperTebo moving & grooving at your dental exam, but now you can watch his rad dances wherever you go! We guarantee Tebo’s songs will keep you dancing for days!

Jam out to Tebo’s super songs!

1. “The Toothbrushing Song” by Tebo The Tooth

From Mindy Molar to Thomas The Crown, this mega montage has the whole dream team! So get ready for one sweet beat—and an a- “dog” -able guest star!

2. “I Eye Hypnotize” by Thomas The Crown

Sure, Thomas gives some bogus advice—but boy, he sure knows how to boogie! Tebo may get the glory, but Thomas’ phenomenal “pheet” earned him the crown.

3. “Fa La La La” by Tebo The Tooth

We all love Tebo’s bouncier songs, but don’t forget his ballads! Tebo’s here to “beat” decay—and have some fun along the way! 

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