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National Dental Hygienists Week: Time To Thank Our Hygiene Heroes!

Nat and Tebo the Tooth
You always know how to make us smile!

It’s National Dental Hygienists Week, so let’s honor our hygiene heroes! Not only do they guide, educate, and empower us to take charge of our dental wellness, they always put the passion in compassion. To all our hy-“geniuses,” thank you for your love, laughter, knowledge, and know-how. You rock!

And let’s give a super special shout-out to Natalie Coleman, who’s been making us smile for eight years—and counting! She joined the team on September 24, 2013, and she’s been wowing us ever since. Every single day, she brings her passion, purpose, humor, and joy to the Tebo dream team—and we’re so glad she does! SuperTebo may have the cape, but the real heroes wear scrubs.

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