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Congratulations To Our Records Rock Star: Sandy Perez Wins Rock Solid!

Sandy Perez - Tebo Dental
Get to know our records rock star, Sandy Perez!

Here at Team Tebo, we love honoring a job well done. That’s why we give the Rock Solid Award to one top Tebo achiever every quarter! 

And we’re proud to announce Sandy Perez has won the 1st Quarter Rock Solid Award! Sandy launched her Tebo career over two years ago, and her passion, perseverance, and know-how have amazed us ever since! Not only does Sandy rock our records department, but she also brings her care, compassion, and kindness to work—even on manic Monday mornings! Since 2019, you’ve become a beloved member of the Tebo dream team—and we hope you’re here for many years to come. Rock on, Sandy!

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