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Tebo’s Got Talent: “Flour” Power!

Bunny Cupcakes
Every-“bunny” loves carrot cupcakes!

Our team makes memories, magic, and laughter every single day. Team, you’re awesome! So once a month, we are showcasing one Tebo Team Member’s secret superpower . . . Read on to get the sweet scoop! 

Tebo Team Member: Dr. Jessica Armstrong

Secret Superpower: Baking 

From cupcakes to casseroles, Dr. Armstrong cooks sweets galore and so much more! Dr. A turns to baking when she needs to relax and recharge . . . And above all, she loves sharing these goodies with everyone she knows! (And the Tebo team loves eating them!) Here at Tebo, we know teamwork makes the dream work—and Dr. Armstrong makes every day super sweet!

Dr. A's Sweets
Dr. A’s sweets may be too cute to eat!

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