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Floss: More Than A Dance Move!

Floss - More Than a Dance Move
Floss keeps the sparkle in your smile!

I don’t know about you, but I adore all things cinnamon . . . So spring may not be the season for me (there’s a long seven months between me and pumpkin pie)! However, I know one spicy sweet we can savor all year. Floss comes in cinnamon, bubblegum, or . . . chocolate? Yes, chocolate! However, this crave-able candy can sweep away the sugar bugs! Snag some here once you’re ready to dig in!

Floss cleans the grooves, seams, and crevices you can’t reach on your own—plus, this dental dynamo even spruces up your gums! How’s that for some mega-mouth magic? And does your home hygiene need an upgrade? Then Tebo’s very own Dr. Chong has a message for you. You’re never too late to make the right—and bright—choice.

Right on, Doc! So this year, save some spring cleaning for your smile.

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