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Cow Power!

Always remember to brush your tongue!

Say hello to Ollie!

I love cows! And once you get to know my hooved heroes, you’re bound to share the love too!

This Cow’s Fancy & Dance-y!

You won’t see a cow do the tango, cha-cha, or “moo”-carana—but one bull has moves all his own! This adora-“bull” bovine has elegance and swagger to rival any dancer—human, horse, or cow. So “moo”-sey on over to meet a dance legend!

A Cow Who’s Always “Beachy” Keen!

Sure, cows aren’t known for courage—but this cow’s no coward! Ollie may have learned to run and roughhouse from his doggy roomies . . . However, he’s the pro hugger around here! And when Ollie craves some R & R, he loves lounging around the beach (same here, Ollie!).

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