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Meet & Greet The March MVP!

“Kool” Koda loves her humans!

Make Koda your “fur”-ever MVP!

From Great Danes to geckos, we love every pet here at Tebo! That’s why we’re honoring a new pet pal every month. Now let’s meet the March MVP!


Pet Parent: Humane Society of Forsyth County

This week, let’s get to know the cool hound in town! Meet our gorgeous gal Koda, a long-time pal of the Cummings Humane Society! This brown-eyed beauty began her stay 247 days ago, but she keeps hoping for a home to call her own. Though Koda loves to snuggle and run, she may need a chance to warm up. (Same here, Koda!) Because Koda comes around at her own pace, mellow grown-ups are her groove. Can you give a lonely love bug a second chance? Learn more here!

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