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Let’s Meet Mindy Molar!

Mindy Molar wears a pink bow and poses with a bird puppet.
Mindy always smiles in style!

Let’s meet Mindy Molar—the prima donna of Tebo Dental! You may’ve caught her scene-stealing cameos on M(olar)TV, but Mindy’s so much more than a glamour icon! When she’s not modeling her signature magenta bow, Mindy may be hanging with her doggy diva, Cali. And when this screen queen craves some alone time, she loves singing, dancing, and believing in magic! (Does this make Mindy an undercover princess? You be the judge!)

She’s learning French, and someday she hopes to travel to Paris! Bon voyage, Mindy—but don’t stay away for too long!

Mindy shares her smile wherever she goes!

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