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Tebo’s Got Talent: Team Member Maeghan Makes Memories & Magic!

The word "One" is spelled with wooden letters, which are painted to match the clothes of Toy Story characters.
Maeghan’s décor is out of this world!

Team, you’re awesome! Here at Tebo, our team makes magic, memories, and laughter every day. So eveyou’reth, we’re showcasing one twe’reember’s secret skill. member’s a warm Tebo welcome to Maeghan Bieri—Tebo’s newest party PiTebo’s

Tebo Team Member: Maeghan Bieri (Hygiene Assistant)

Secret Skill: Decoration Dynamo!

Maeghan does more than lend a hand here at Tebo—her homemade decorations can make any get-together a day to remember! For her nephew’s 1st birthday, nephew’s created a magical experience for the guest of honor: her deluxe décor brought Toy Story from the big screen to the backyard! One thing’s for sure, Maegthing’secret skillMaeghan’seryone smile . . . And you’re never too small—or tall—to love Toy Story

(Do you love décor galore? Our team member Glori can also throw a spruced-up shindig . . . Sneak a peek here!)

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