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Tebo’s Got Talent: Team Leader Tyler Encourages Everyone She Meets!

Tyler Thebaut smiles at the camera.
Your smile is your superpower!

Team, you’re awesome! Here at Tebo, our team makes magic, memories, and laughter every day. So every month, we’re showcasing one Tebo Team Member’s secret skill. Now get to know our enlightened exec, Tyler Thebaut!

Tebo Team Member: Tyler Thebaut (Vice President/COO)

Secret Skill: Yoga Teacher and Life Coach

This tremendous team member has two secret superpowers! Yet Tyler believes her two passions share an underlying purpose: her yoga and coaching encourage you to heal and renew your mind, mood, and inner voice. Though we all encounter challenging experiences, our biggest challenge can be our negative thoughts . . . Your struggles may be temporary, but your anxious inner voice can discourage you every day. But when you tune your mind to growth, grace, and encouragement, your inner voice could become your biggest cheerleader! Check out this bio to discover more!

Good moods lead to great days! 

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