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Yum! How This Greek Island Puts the Tree in “Tree”-t!

Mastiha Tree Treats

Home Read on to discover a “tree”-markable snack! Here at Tebo, we’re the pros when it comes to chewing—but we’ve never chewed on a pine tree! For a few Greek villages, however, one piney candy has become a passion. On Chios, farmers grow the rare mastiha tree. Throughout the summer, growers use a special tool […]

Sweet Potatoes: Get to Know the Super Tuber!

Sweet Potatoes - The Super Tuber

Home You can’t beat sweet potatoes—but you can mash them! Do you want to improve your dental well-being? Then make sweet potatoes your new pal! Not only are sweet potatoes bright orange—they’re so much “more”-range than eye-catching good looks! Sweet potatoes could even lead to stronger teeth. I know, it sounds too good “tuber” true! […]

Ready to Rock? Sneak a “Peak” at Turkey’s Göreme Valley!

Hot Air Balloons in Goreme Valley

Home You’re looking at Turkey’s Göreme valley—a land abounding in local lore and “gorge” -eous views! Ancient volcanoes once buried the region in igneous rock, which eons of wind and rain have carved, rounded, and shaped. The outcome? A magical land of caves, caverns, and canyons. And don’t forget about nature’s skyscrapers! The region’s rock […]

Alpaca Party!


We may not receive much snow in Georgia—but when we do, be sure to channel your inner alpaca! You can watch a herd of snuggly alpacas zoom, prance, and leap through the snow in this video. But why are they so enamored by snow? For one thing, I bet they don’t need to shovel the driveway! But it’s “snow” wonder alpacas love the cold! Alpacas can trac…

Cave of the Hanging Serpents: Welcome to the Haven of Snakes

Sweet Tooth

Ready for the real deal? Check out this video to see something you won’t believe! Do you have a sweet tooth? Well, here at Tebo, we’re no stranger to good food! Nothing beats a warm meal on a gloomy November night. But one awesome animal chooses to e…

Sammy Wins in Record “Slime”!

Sammy the Snail

Sammy aced the race! Can you beat a pro racer’s record? We bet you can—so long as this pro is Sammy the Snail! Every year, Congham, England stages the annual Snail Racing World Championship—though few American snails have managed to cross the ocean i…

Icebreakers & Smile Makers


Do you need an easy icebreaker? Well, we’ve got 3 dog videos guaranteed to wow your dinner guests! The Skate-“bark” Legend Let me introduce you to one legendary pooch! On November 12, 2015, Otto the Bulldog achieved global fame— not to mention one ra…

Get a Taste of Amezaiku!


Halloween has come and gone— and we bet you ended up with a heap of gooey goodies! Here at Tebo, we usually encourage you to cut back on sweets. But for a Japanese delicacy called amezaiku, we’re tempted to make an exception. Have you ever wanted to swallow a swan or devour a dragon? Then let me introduce you to amezaiku, or Japanese candy sculptur…

The Marvelous Manta Mouth

Manta Ray

From clam chowder to ice cream sundaes, we rely on spoons every day. Sure, spoons come in handy— but they’re not the only way to grab a snack. Across the animal kingdom, creatures big and small have created ways of eating all their own! You might have seen a camel’s mighty molars or a chameleon’s mega tongue, but have you encountered the marvelous …

Jam Out to Some Top Tooth Tunes!


Fall might mean orange leaves and snuggly sweaters, but we’re bound to face a few gloomy days. So when you need to go from weary to cheery, why not give Tebo’s top tooth tunes a try? Here are 5 songs guaranteed to brighten your November! “When You Smile” by Shirley Bassey Need a power-up? Her song’s got pep galore and so much more! C’mon, I dare yo…